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Packing For Your Move – How To DIY

  • 3 min read

Happy Diwali Everyone, hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Here we would like to share useful do-it-yourself (DIY) tips to make your move easier and safer!

You can move easily and comfortably with 123 Express Mover Singapore! Nevertheless, if you’re looking to do it on your own, the following are efficient ways you may consider.

Firstly, make a packing list for yourself – categorization by different rooms and items will ease you through your packing. A basic checklist would look like this:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Guest Room
  4. Storeroom
  5. Living Room
  6. Bathroom
  7. Study Room

Before you get started with packing by room, take photos of your current room for reference and write down all important items for the move so as to ensure nothing essential is missing. The last thing you want is to find your room keys, valuables and electronics missing! Simultaneously this is the best time to declutter your living space and dispose any unwanted items you have been storing for ages.

Next, you will require boxes to pack your belongings. Make sure to pack them tight and leave no space unused. This helps to save space in the lorry and reduces chances for breakage! When you pack fragile items such as plates, bowls, wine glasses and ceramics, make sure to wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap to reduce any chances of breakage.

Finally, to save on time from unpacking and packing, you may choose to plastic wrap your drawers and dressers and move them as they are.

When it comes to Labelling your boxes, make sure to label them on the sides and not the top. You will be able to find your items more easily when the boxes are stacked. It will also greatly help movers or friends to place these boxes in your rooms when you move. To be super sure that you do not misplace any boxes, you may also number them to be certain that everything is in place.

Make sure everything is completely packed before your friends or movers show up to save on time and cost. This also reduces breakages and frustration from the packing. If you have many fragile items, or many breakable valuables, we recommend hiring movers to help you.

The end of or beginning of the month is a busy period so be sure to book your slots early! If you hire movers, make sure to read their fine print. 123 Express Mover is transparent in charges and professional in enquiries and services. Hope to be able to service your moving needs!

Cheers from the 123 Express Mover Team.